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Meeting the Challenge of Providing Necessary Health Care!

At Community Helping Hands Clinic, eligible White County residents are treated at no charge by compassionate medical professionals. The clinic typically serves adult low-income patients who lack health insurance and are suffering from chronic and/or subacute conditions including diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and cardiovascular disease. Patients are evaluated for eligibility through a screening process and when appropriate, patients are referred to specialists for additional fee care, including dental and vision services.

White Co. Is Medically Underserved

In White County there is one physician for every 3,397 residents – more than twice the Georgia figure of 1,611 residents per physician and more than four times the national average of 631 residents per physician. The Community Helping Hands Clinic in White County Georgia is one of the few free clinics which operates within a county with no hospital of its own.

We Depend Upon Your Support

Community Helping Hands Clinic receives no government funding. Rather, the free clinic relies upon voluntary donations of money, time and professional services. At the same time we provide high quality health care to more than 1,000 uninsured low-income White Co. residents and furnishing services with a retail value of over $2 million per year.

How Can You Help? We need your help today with our growing needs more than ever!

  • Monetary One Time Donation or Monthly Pledge
  • Volunteer Your Professional or Non-Professional Service
  • Provide Snacks for Our Selfless Volunteers
  • Provide Gifts/Coupons for Volunteer Appreciation
  • Assist Us with Local and National Fund Raising Efforts
  • And Most Importantly Please Keep Community Helping Hands Clinic in Your Thoughts and Prayers!

Your support is deeply appreciated by the hundreds of White County residents we serve!