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About Us

chhcbelfordmurpheyIn 2006, a group of White County citizens came together to discuss the need for a free clinic to serve the uninsured residents of the area.  Such a clinic had long been the dream of local physician Dr. Charles White.
The Clinic was incorporated in early 2007 and a working group was formed to organize the necessary resources to make the clinic a reality.  A local businessman donated a 2,500 square foot storefront on the square in downtown Cleveland.  Using labor and materials donated by local tradesmen and builders, a complete renovation was begun to transform the space into a modern medical facility.  Board members were named in November 2007 and Dr. White agreed to serve as Medical Director.
front of storeIn 2008, the clinic secured a volunteer nurse, Lura Walsh, to act as Clinic Director.  Building renovations were completed later that same year.  An open house was held in December and we began offering care to eligible residents on February 24, 2009.
Initially Ms. Walsh handled both clinical and administrative duties.  When she retired in September 2010, Caring Hands board member Hoyt Oliver assumed the role of Executive Director and took on the administrative duties, while Nurse Practitioner Christie Woodruff became the Clinical Director.  Both were part-time, paid positions.  Hoyt Oliver agreed to serve as Executive Director for a term of one year and in September 2011 was succeeded by Howard Miller. In January 2013, Gene White took over this role.
Today, in addition to the Executive Director, the clinic is staffed by a part-time Clinic Manager, a Nurse Manager and a multitude of volunteers.