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CONTACT US: 706.865.1223


Who Qualifies for Our Services:

To be eligible to receive care at Community Helping Hands Clinic, Inc., an applicant must meet the following qualifications:
• have a diagnosed chronic medical condition
• be a resident of White County
• be between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five
• have a family income of less than 150% of the current Federal Poverty Level
• cannot have, nor qualify for Medicaid, Peach Care, Medicare or any other form of health care insurance.


To schedule an Eligibility appointment:

Currently, eligibility appointments are offered only on Wednesdays.  To schedule an appointment call 706.865.1223.

Please bring these documents to your Eligibility appointment:

• Proof of residence such as a utility bill
• Proof of income (pay stub, W-2 form, IRS return, etc)
• Application
• Government-issued form of ID (Driver’s license)